Buffet Table Decorated for Christmas!

Helloooo there and happy Friday! Can you believe that we are solidly into the month of December? That means that Christmas is right around the corner! If you could, just go ahead and go back and read that in a sing-song voice, because that’s how I’m typing it, because I’m just so darn excited! I absolutely love Christmas with all the pretty colors, the twinkle, coziness, generosity, family time, desserts, Hallmark movies, and the list goes on! This is also one of the best times to be scrolling through Instagram checking out all of the Christmas decorations! I mean, there are so many #homegoals that I wouldn’t even know how to choose a favorite!

With a little help and inspiration from my Instagram pals, I have mostly completed my decorating for Christmas. I’m super excited to show you my buffet today, which is the first piece that I styled this year. What do you think?

Like I said, there are so many inspiration squares on Instagram these days, like Chrystal over at @1728cedarhedge! I mean, look at her ADORABLE coffee bar! That chalkboard is seriously genius.

Or can we please take a moment to love on Tracey from @traceyleedesigns? This beautiful advent calendar works perfectly here and I’m starting to think I have a thing for chalk boards…

But, the difference between my buffet and 99% of the beautifully styled buffets and side tables on Instagram and Pinterest, is that mine is positioned in front of a window. That can make things a little more difficult when it comes to styling because I don’t have the advantage of being able to hang things on the wall. So, though the rest of this post I’ll let you in on how I create depth and intrigue to my Christmas buffet!


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When I’m styling this piece, or most pieces for that matter, I try to focus on three things:

  1. Symmetry
  2. Depth
  3. Differing heights

As you can see, I have our dog treat canister acting as the center focal point, with both sides mirroring each other to the left and right. I got our canister from Zulily, but I found the same one on Amazon here! Having the treat jar near the front of the buffet with the trees behind creates depth and movement in the piece. Of course, it is also practical for when Baxter is just so cute that he deserves a treat 🙂

I used some of my old vintage books to create height on the far ends which also keeps it symmetrical. Little tip for ya, don’t have enough vintage books? Mix your vintage books with brand new books! Just remove any book covers and put the new ones near the bottom. No one will even know the wiser! For this season I also hung my DIY grapevine wreath. You can find a tutorial here on how I made my large outside wreath. It’s so easy!

My galvanized buckets are from Tractor Supply Company, but look at these fun ones I found for an AWESOME price! My trees are actually from The Dollar Tree this year and I think their size works perfectly in this small space. To get these trees to stand up straight in the buckets, all I did was wrap toilet paper around the bottom! Literally, that’s it! So easy and I’m sure you have some around your house already.

To add a little pizazz to this display, you KNOW I had to add some fairy lights! These are the ones I used and they were super easy to incorporate. They don’t have a timer which I would have preferred, but for the price, I’m very happy. I love the way they light up this nook of our kitchen! Overall I love how this turned out this season. With the buffet table being bright red, it’s always a challenge to bring this little nook back to a more neutral place, but I also think we all need a little color in our lives! So, what about you? Do you keep your Christmas décor in line with a more neutral pallet, or do you bring in all the colors? Let me know in a comment below!