Guest Bathroom Overhaul

Hi there blog friends! Remember a few weeks ago when I put together a fun mood board that I was using to help my parents renovate their guest bedroom? Well, my dad is amazing when it comes to DIY construction and this guest bathroom overhaul is finished! Let’s start off by being reminded of the before.

Guest Bathroom Overhaul

Out came the outdated tub surrounded and goodbye 90s laminate flooring! Time to go from this to this…

To this…

Guest Bathroom Overhaul


Guest Bathroom Overhaul
Farmhouse Style Bathroom

I mean! Gorgeous, right? I can’t believe how quickly my dad did this entire bathroom. He started the demo on October 10 and finished on November 11. Almost one month to the date. And I do think he was partially waiting on me to finalize my choice on the accent stripe 😉

Guest Bathroom Overhaul

See below for all of the sources we used on materials. I am absolutely thrilled with how this guest bathroom overhaul turned out. And although my parents will be moving onto their next project soon, I know they’ll be able to enjoy this bathroom for the next few months before they move.

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