Mother’s Day Gift Ideas – Home Decor Edition

Happy Friday! Just in case you may have forgotten, Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 12. Yup, that means you have less than two weeks to find a gift that your mom will love! The good news for you, though, is that I’m giving you a breakdown of the best home decor gifts for Mother’s Day. And if you’re anything like me, you like to buy your gifts from the comfort of your couch while wearing pajamas. More good news, everything on this list includes a link so you can easily get it sent right to your home. So, let’s get started on my Mother’s Day Gift Ideas – Home Decor Edition!

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Alright, let’s start with one of my favorite retailers, Amazon. I get so many items off of Amazon, and gifts are no different. Here are a few items that I think your mom would love for this season!

Mother's Day Gift Idea - Doormat

How cute is this “hello” doormat?? This is the time of year where we’re working in the yard and dragging in dirt. It seems like doormats only seem to last a year or two, so maybe it’s time for a new one! I also love this one with a lavender print on it!

Mother's Day Gift Idea - Farmhouse Sign

You also can’t go wrong with cute signs. This botanical sign would look adorable almost anywhere in the home. Especially for this spring season!

You already know that I’m ALL ABOUT the throw pillow covers! I don’t have any Spring-specific pillow covers yet – but I might by the end of this blog post! This yellow bike cover is adorable and can be used all through Spring and Summer. It also comes in blue if that’s more her decor style!

Does your mom love indoor plants but can’t seem to keep them alive? Well great, she’s basically me 🙂 I have been obsessing over my faux plants this spring, and this faux fiddle leaf tree is so cute! If you’re looking for a little more budget friendly option, this one looks adorable as well, and you could even add a cute seagrass basket to it yourself!

The last item from Amazon that I want to recommend isn’t necessarily a home decor item, but it’s close. Victoria Duerstock wrote the most adorable book that combines your daily devotional with simple home styling tips. Heart & Home – design basic for your soul and living space would be the perfect gift for any mama who is looking for a new devotional to add to their morning routine.


Who doesn’t love Target? I mean, can you even walk down those aisles and not come home with someone you really weren’t even there for?? Same goes for online shopping, so only click the link and don’t go any further 😉

I love this Eucalyptus Wreath from the Hearth & Hand line. It would look perfect in all seasons, especially Spring when we’re craving all the greens!

I love the simplicity of these picture frames. They come in a 4×6 and a 5×7 size. You know your mom loves having pictures of you around the house, so why not get her a cute way to display them!

This Hook Rack would be perfect for mom AND dad. How many of your dads have WAY too many hats and you mom has no idea what to do with them? Great – problem solved! This would also be very cute in a laundry room to hang clothes to dry.

This plant stand might just be the cutest item I’ve found in the Hearth & Hand Collection yet! Now if only I had a green thumb and could keep plants alive! Hopefully your mom is more plant-inclined than I am. Also pictured is the cutest little plant mister and my favorite book, Home Body by Joanna Gaines.

And our last item from Target is this adorable Crossbody Satchel! Now, as cute as this is, I may not recommend this for a new mom who has kids with sticky fingers. The creamy color may dull rather quickly. But for all others, this is the perfect bag for a spring night out on the town!


Alright, hang with my here. Walmart has seriously been upping their home decor game lately and I’m here for it! I mean, Drew Barrymore even has her own home decor line with them and it’s based on flowers!

Speaking of Drew Barrymore’s collection, these botanical prints are perfect for this spring season. They could be displayed in a gallery wall similar to above, or even in a straight line down a hallway.

These baskets are also from Drew Barrymore’s collection and I’m thinking they would be perfect with my new comforter… (see post for that here). If you have a mom in your life who has young children, she needs these. These could hold toys of all sizes, so their guests would have no idea the living room was just a mess!

If your mom doesn’t have an Instant Pot, this one from the Pioneer Woman is absolutely the one she needs. Not only is an Instant Pot and awesome gift, but this one can actually be left out on your mom’s countertops without it being an eye sore!

Ok, this Pergola is definitely out of my price range, but at $315 it would be a great gift to go in on with your siblings! If your mom likes to entertain, this could be the perfect addition to her backyard parties. I had no idea that Walmart had items like this!

Another thing I didn’t know what Walmart sold – fresh flowers! Would you believe that you could order fresh flowers from Walmart and had them shipped to your mother for free? See what I mean about Walmart stepping up their game?

Bonus Gift:

Ok, I just had to throw this one in as a bonus gift that all mothers LOVE. If you’ve never tried Mary Kay’s Satin Hands set, then you are MISSING OUT! This is basically a spa package in a bag, and a wonderful price of only $36.00+tax. I don’t have a link for this one, but if you’re interested drop me a comment and I will get one to you ASAP!

So, this is your last warning: Mother’s Day is coming up so let’s get shopping! If you choose something from this list make sure to tag me on Instagram so I can wish your mom a happy Mother’s Day!

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