Our Christmas Tree!

Now that Thanksgiving is done, I think it’s perfectly appropriate to start spamming social media with our Christmas tree! We get a real tree, so we always wait until after Thanksgiving so it will still look good all the way through the new year. Each year we get our Christmas tree from Wahmhoff Farms and we are never disappointed with their selection! If you’re local-ish to the Kalamazoo area, I encourage you to check them out! This year we went to one of their in-town locations, but they also have u-cut at their adorable nursery in Gobles. Next year we absolutely plan on taking Baby Beauchamp to cut down his/her first tree.

Wahmhoff Farms Nursery - Christmas Tree

Isn’t it beautiful?? We got it on Saturday and waited a day to decorate so some of the limbs would sink down some. One of my favorite parts of having a real tree is the wonderful smell of pine that is currently permeating through our home.

You can find our tree stand here. To protect our hardwood floors, we put a couple pieces of rubber underneath to prevent scratches. Although, we really need to just break down and purchase an official mat like this one from WeatherTech.

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Christmas Tree Decor

Ta-da! Fully decorated! This year we went with white lights to switch things up. You can see a full house tour from last year with our colorful lights here. I love the coziness that the white lights bring, however, we also feel like they make it more difficult to see our ornaments. Sparking of ornaments…

Christmas Tree Decor
Christmas Tree 2019
Christmas Tree Decor
Christmas Ornaments

Unlike most of the Instagram trees you see all over the internet, ours doesn’t have a theme or a color scheme. When we decorate our tree, we start with all of our special ornaments that we have found together. We love that our tree represents fun memories that we have together. We have vowed to get one new ornament each year that we choose together.

Christmas Tree 2019

You may have noticed that between the first picture and this one, our tree topper star has changed color! This topper is something that my husband had on his tree before we started dating. It cycles through a few different colors. You can find a very similar one here. I got our tree skirt from Hobby Lobby last year and I really love how it is subtly cute!

I just love coming home and turning on the Christmas lights after a hard day at work. There’s something about the twinkle that makes things exponentially more cozy. And you all know, I love anything cozy 🙂

Christmas Tree Decor

Thanks for stopping by the blog today. I hope I can start getting you into the Christmas spirit, one post at a time! For more inspo, make sure you head over to my Instagram account!

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