Quick Spring Bathroom

Happy Spring to you! If you’re reading this and you live in Michigan, you know just how happy I am that Spring is finally here. It felt like it was never going to come after that crazy polar vortex of a winter! Thankfully, we’re starting to get some sunshine and the temperature is slowly, but surely, rising.

I wanted to share with you the easiest Spring refresh that I did in our bathroom. And by easy, I mean I did it in about 10 minutes on a Sunday night. Want to know my secret? FREE PRINTABLES! Yes, I said it, they’re free! If you have a Pinterest account, you can do this too. Are you ready? Check it out!

Free printables in a farmhouse bathroom

How cute are these watercolor floral prints?? I got these ones from Katie over at Little House of Four. And do you know how I found Katie? I searched “free spring printables” on Pinterest!

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Free printables in a farmhouse bathroom
Free printables in a farmhouse bathroom
Free printables in a farmhouse bathroom
Free printables

I had these black frames laying around my house (here are some well priced ones), so I quickly popped out the old pictures and inserted the new ones that I printed from my regular, old, Dell printer. Then, I hung them using Command hooks so as not to add holes to our new bathroom.

I love the color that these printables bring to our bathroom. Even though I think they’re pretty girly, my husband said he likes them! And do you know what he likes even more? The price – FREE! What free items do you like to decorate with? Hop over to my Instagram page to let me know! Also, if you’re looking for some free printables of your own, head over to my Pinterest page. I have a board dedicated for all things free!

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