Christmas Dining Room

If you’ve been following along for any period of time, you’re probably wondering why I’ve titled this blog post “Christmas Dining Room.” We don’t even have a dining room! I like to use the words “dining room” loosely. We have our dining room table near the back of our living room. Although not ideal, it works well for us! My favorite part is that it is right near our fireplace. We may not have room to host for Christmas, but it sure is looking festive for the two of us each night when we sit down for dinner.

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Christmas Dining Room

Our dining room table is a hand-me-down, but it luckily fit in perfectly with our decor. We have four more chairs and a middle leaf to make it larger, but that wouldn’t fit in our space. For now, with just the two of us, two chairs is fine. We even can squeeze in a high chair if we get creative!

We recently got our rug from Zulily. You can find it here. Although it isn’t currently available, keep an eye out. With Zulily you never know when it’s going to pop back on at a great price!

Christmas Dining Room

I plan on playing around with a Christmas tablescape sometime in the next couple weeks, but our daily decor I like to keep simple. Our placemats are easily washable (find similar here) and that centerpiece was an item my husband had before we started dating.

Christmas Fireplace Decor

Here’s a little closer look at our fireplace decor. It is seriously so cozy eating next to the fireplace each night, even when we don’t have one roaring. We turn on the twinkle lights and there’s something so magical about it. One thing I would like to change is our mismatched stockings. However, I’m waiting to get matching ones until Baby Beauchamp comes. I’m thinking of some like these!

Christmas Dining Room

Is there anything cozier than this view? Twinkle lights, Christmas garland and a RumChata Pumpkin Pie! If you missed my recipe, you can find that here. It would be great to bring to a Christmas party!

Christmas Living Room Decor

Although I wish we had a true dining room, our little living/dining room combo works just fine for our small, but growing, family. I’m really happy with how this Christmas dining room turned out this year. It is cozy, functional and cute. All of my favorite things!

How are you doing on your Christmas to-do’s? I’m so so close to being completely done with my shopping. Just a few more – I can see the home stretch!