How to Decorate Between Halloween and Thanksgiving

Listen, I love decorating for Christmas just as much as the next girl, but I’m just not quite ready. I am, however, very ready to purge the orange pumpkins and miscellaneous Halloween decorations! I have never really decorated for Halloween, but I usually incorporate yellow/orange tones into my design during September and October. However, once November hits, I’m always ready for a change. The time between Halloween and Thanksgiving can be tricky when it comes to styling. Some people are totally jumping into Christmas, while others are holding onto the oranges of Halloween. I decided to go somewhere in between this year and I am absolutely in love!

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The first thing I did was remove anything with an orange, red or yellow hue. That included many of my pumpkins and the majority of my floral arrangements. I kept my amber bottles because I wasn’t quite ready to give those up, and any of my small, white pumpkins. I swapped out my orange/gold place settings for some softer silver colors and kept my more neutral florals displayed.

Next, I added in a few trees! Now, I didn’t go all out with the lights, ornaments, stars, etc. I decided to leave my trees “naked” as Natalie over at the Vintage Porch would say and I love how it makes our house feel so cozy and even woodsy. I am a firm believer that pine trees and pumpkins can come together for a beautiful styling relationship.

This has to be one of my favorite mantels that I have styled in this house so far. I went for a minimalistic approach this time around and kept it very symmetrical. My “Thankful” piece from At Home anchors the mantel and the leaf garland creates a cozy flow. Laura over at @threesonsfarmhouse inspired the Christmas tree in a crock. I mean, how cute is that?! And again, it even looks good naked 😉

For my tray I removed my little Jack-O-Lantern tea light and replaced it with a birch tree candle which can be used all year round, but has a little cozy, winter feel to it. Here in Michigan we have already gotten our first true snowfall, so I feel like winter decorating in November is totally acceptable! I’m leaving my pillow covers the way they are until Christmas makes its way into our house. Plus, we all need a little reminder to “give thanks” in our daily lives.

I’m trying to convince my husband to help me paint the living room either this weekend or Thanksgiving weekend, so Christmas is just going to have to wait until after that! Even if I have already been playing Christmas music for the past couple weeks JDo you decorate for that weird “in-between time” between Halloween and Thanksgiving? Let me know on my latest Instagram post!