Organization Using Baskets

With the holidays coming up, I know a lot of us are trying to get our houses organized. For a few reasons actually. 1. People are hosting and we want to have our house host-ready. 2. Gifts will be coming into the house, so getting organized beforehand will make it easier to find space to put them. And 3. Christmas decorations are everywhere so we’re craving some sort of simplicity. Luckily I’ve partnered with the site to help you with your organization using their beautiful baskets. Let’s take a look!

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Organizing using baskets

Indressme sent me three baskets, and although there’s so many different ways to use them, I chose to organize our closet. Our closet is SUPER difficult to photograph because of the size, but you can see a few reels on my Instagram page. THIS ONE which was shared by HGTV’s very own Jasmine Roth, and THIS ONE which shows a broader version.

I received one of the XXXL baskets and two of the medium sized baskets. I decided to use the XXXL to house my husband’s jeans, sweatpants, belts, etc. Somehow all of those things never quite made it into their drawers. What I really liked about the size of the XXXL is that it can easily hold more. So those extra t-shirts that can’t find their way back to their spot can be stuffed in here and I don’t have to look at them 😉

Both medium baskets I used to house all of my husband’s socks. I added these cute luggage tags as labels and just attached them using safety pins. Super easy for me to put the laundry away now.


Although I ultimately decided to use these in our closet, they’d really have so many uses. One of the reasons I wanted to partner with Indressme is that their baskets are so affordable! I may have to throw a few more in my cart. Check out some of the other ways I almost used them.

Toys! The XXXL basket makes a great toy hamper. The study handles also make it easy to carry around, so clean up would be a breeze. As a toddler mama, I can definitely appreciate this feature.

I also really considered using the medium basket in Emery’s basket for books. One of the nice features to these baskets are that they stand up on their own. I can’t tell you how many baskets or bins I’ve bought that fold in on itself, don’t stand straight, etc.

Other uses: laundry, magazines, blankets, dog toys, pillow storage, towels, etc. There are infinite uses for a good, quality basket. Thank you again Indressme for working with me and let’s all get to organizing!


Indressme XXXLarge Cotton Rope Basket: 

Indressme Medium Cotton Rope Basket: