Rebuilding at Serenity Drive

If you have no idea what Serenity Drive is, first check out my first blog post with plenty of “before” photos and then my post with demo shots.

Things are starting to come together, slowly but surely, over at my parents’s Serenity Drive! New windows, a new slider and new walls are all starting to appear. Demo is fun, but seeing new construction being built is so satisfying.

New Windows

You’ll notice that all of the brick is off the outside of the house now, so these windows can steal the show! My mom picked out these windows and they’re perfect. The entire reason they bought this house was for the property. Now they have the largest view possible in the living room.

This look was inspired by @the_rusticpallet who has these famous three windows that are all over Instagram.

And who could forget the new slider, which will lead out to a brand new deck.

New Stairs

The stairs needed to be moved to create a better layout in the house.

New Guest Bathroom

The guest bath is now fully framed in. There will be a shower/tub at the far end with a toilet next to it, then the vanity. The previous guest bathroom was taken over to make the master bathroom larger.

New Laundry Room

The current laundry is downstairs. It will be moved up into this space. It’s actually a very spacious laundry room with great natural light!

Reconfigured Master Suite

This is a little hard to photograph the master suite, but the reconfiguration will be so great one it’s done. As I mentioned earlier, my dad stole the space from the previous guest bathroom to add into the master bath. The picture below shows where the freestanding tub will be.

This portion will hold the toilet, stand up shower and vanities.

And below is their new master closet. My dad still needs to frame in the door, but it’s definitely an upgrade from what they have now. There will be curtain rods down each side.

New Guest Bedroom Layouts

Originally this house was a four bedroom. One bedroom was converted into the new guest bathroom and laundry room. The bedroom below was slightly shifted to make room for the new master closet. But look at that window! Both guest bedrooms are getting new closets to go with their new windows.

Outside Changes

All of the brick is gone and three ginormous trees have been removed! The trees were posing a danger to the house, so they had to go. The good news is that there are still plenty of trees all over their 17 acres.

Before and Afters

Next up for Serenity Drive is wiring and then plumbing. Nothing too exciting, so for now, please enjoy these before and afters!