Where the Beauchamp’s Are At

Can you all believe that 2019 is just a few days away?? As the new year draws near, so many of us will decide to embark upon new journeys and new resolutions. I’ve never been one to get excited about creating a New Year’s Resolution, and when I did make them, they were always fitness related. But listen here, your girl can do pull-ups now, so that was one resolution that I would call successful 🙂

For those of us who are in the home decor community, 2019 promises to brings lots of DIY projects, home renovations, new to us antique finds, and countless numbers of interior photos! However, here in the Beauchamp household we’re planning to do things a little differently.

Obviously, because of my passion for home decor, we will be doing renovations to our home, but they may not be exactly what you would think. There’s just something about the holidays and the new year coming that makes me go into full-blown planning mode. My husband, David, and I have been talking, what seems to be non-stop, about our future. Topics have ranged from car payments to future children; a new home to future family Christmases; career goals to vacation hopes. And I think we have made our initial plan as to what projects we plan to tackle in 2019. *Drum roll please…*

Nothing major! Are you surprised by that answer? I have to admit, I kind of am. But you see, we aren’t in our forever home. We currently live in the house that David bought before we started dating, when he was an incredibly eligible bachelor. I like to explain it to people by saying that it was way too nice for a bachelor pad, it’s wonderful for a newlywed couple, it would be fine for a couple with a newborn, but it would be a little small for a family with two children. The layout is not ideal and our dream is to have some land that we can call our own. Oh, and not have our bedroom 10 feet away from our neighbor’s barking dog…

So, this week we sat down with the home inspection report and took notes on parts of our home that needed to be updated. Our plan is to fix any items that a new buyer could receive a deduction for, by doing all of the work ourselves. Unfortunately for me, that means there may not be as many fun reveals this upcoming year. But, our plan does bring me hope. It brings me hope that someday in the near future we will find our forever home. One that has the space we need, inside and out. A home that we will raise our future children in and make family memories that will last us a lifetime. And a space where all of our friends and family will feel welcome.

For now I am working to stay content with what we have. We have a wonderful home that we have made ours. It is a place that we lay our heads every night and where our dog, Baxter, runs to the door to greet us every day after work. We have already made so many improvements from our bathroom renovation to new paint in our living room, and we aren’t done yet. We are just trying to be smart with our investments so that we can get the best resale as possible from this house.

I would love to hear about your home journey. Are you in your forever home? Have you ever had that “Ah-Hah!” feeling when you found the exact house you were looking for? What are the best ways to ensure your renovations are highly focused on resale? Drop me your thoughts in the comments below or find me on Instagram!