DIY Chippy Paint Shelf

Hello and welcome to my very first blog post here on Beau Place Like Home! I’m so excited to share my love for home design, and it all starts with today, Day One. If you’ve read my About Me Page you know that my husband and I recently got married and are on a serious budget. I moved into his house and we are working on turning it into a home! To me, light, bright and comfy is the goal, which means LOTS of paint is in our future.

While we were dating, we purchased a few furniture pieces just to fill in the gaps. We didn’t have a firm grasp on what our style was, and purchases often simply came down to price. One piece we brought home was this ladder shelf from Target. (Find a similar one here).

We didn’t want the stereotypical “All White Farmhouse” look, so we bought the dark brown, knowing that we could always paint it if we wanted. Turns out, we needed to! This shelf was wayyy too dark in our living room that is pretty dark to begin with. Enter, Rustoleum chalk paint!

Now, I’ve been wanting to paint a few pieces in our house white for quite a while, so I made sure to do my research. I was fully expecting to paint this piece with even, smooth coverage in one or two coats. Well, I may have been mistaken… Here is the before.

After one coat this is what it looked like. Because the shelf is made of a composite material with an almost laminate-like surface, the paint hardly stuck!

Well, sometimes what you want to happen, and what actually happens don’t match up. And sometimes if you’re really lucky, you get something even better. Look at this awesome faux chippy paint!

I ended up doing two coats on this bad boy and loved that it looked like an old chipping ladder! The best part is, it isn’t chipping, so my puppy won’t try eating any old (probably lead) paint! If I can’t have an antique piece in my living room, I will sure take this DIY version. I can’t wait to keep styling this throughout the year and I LOVE how much one piece already starts brightening up our living room! We are hoping to paint the walls in here someday soon, but for now, I’ll count this as a win! Do you have a piece that just doesn’t fit into your décor? Tell me what you wish you could change!