Simple Fall Tablescape

From here on out, when you hear the word “simple,” you are going to think of this super easy fall tablescape that I came up with this year. In our house we have no dining room. I know, the horror! So, we had to create a makeshift dining space by sectioning off part of our living room. Although it may not be ideal, you have to work with what you’ve got! Since our table is right next to the fireplace, I didn’t want to take away from the décor on the mantel by making our table too busy. Hence that word again, simple. Without further ado, I present my dining/living room fall tablescape!

As you can see, the mantel in the background has a decent amount going on, so the table really needed to be minimalistic in order to keep the space more peaceful. The burlap and lace table runner, wood slab, and mason jar are all leftover from our wedding. Fun fact: the mason jar is covered with scraps from my mom’s wedding dress! Totally makes our tablescape more personal and dare I say, antique. Don’t tell my mom I called her wedding dress antique!

The flowers and foliage are all from the Dollar Tree, as well as the plates and chargers. And let me tell you, when I told the hubby that the “new plates” were from the Dollar Tree, I heard the biggest sigh of relief this side of the Mackinac Bridge. The little white pumpkins are from Trader Joe’s and I got a few of those once they brought their later-season price down to 69¢. I’m obsessed with the beaded garland from Trove and the other intertwined garland was a discontinued Christmas item I picked up from Menards for under $5.

Overall, this easy tablescape didn’t cost much at all but brings so much warmth into our space! I just love how a small addition to your décor can make such a huge impact!