Vintage Toolbox Styled for Fall

One of my FAVORITE pieces to style in my house is an Old Vintage toolbox my husband found this past summer. Every once in a while my husband picks up side jobs for a friend in town who flips houses. He and his cousin will do odd jobs from demo, to yard work, to throwing things in a dumpster. Well, this summer he found this toolbox in an old house, and instead of throwing it away, he took it home to me!

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Not only do I love this piece, but I also LOVED the price, i.e. free! The toolbox sat in the garage for a few months until I finally figured out just the right spot to put it. It was in pretty good shape to begin with, so I just did a quick sand down to get rid of some pencil marks and we were ready to go! From this…

To this!

Everything that I used came from things I already had around the house. The scarecrow is something I purchased last year from the Dollar Tree and the letter board is something that I had gotten earlier this year off of Amazon. The Indian Corn is from a local apple orchard and the pumpkins are from Hobby Lobby. They used to be bright orange and I actually spray painted them for my wedding! I

If you look really close, you can see them scattered down our head table. I love how Colin Collins Photography captured this space for us!

I think these little pumpkins are PERFECT for this toolbox and I love the dusty blue, gray and cream much better than the bright orange. Much more calming 🙂

And even a little pre-Christmas decorating…

Unfortunately, this tool box is so large that it really only fits in this one place by our bay window, so it won’t stay out all year round. Because, if you have a window ledge like this one and you aren’t using it to display your Christmas Village, do you even love Christmas?! I’m just saying…