Entryway Refresh

I’ve been polling my friends over on Instagram to find the very best wallpaper for a quick entryway refresh and I am proud to say – I finally chose one and completed it! But first, before I show it to you, let’s take strip down memory lane…

This is where our entryway closet began a few years ago. Dark, dysfunctional and no place to sit.

"Before" entryway

We added in a bench and painted it a bright white. It felt so much cleaner, useful and modern. However, you know that I’m never fully satisfied with something for long…

Entryway Refresh

Next, who was reading the blog when I did Sharpie Shiplap in this space? To be honest, I loved this shiplap look and didn’t really want to get rid of it. However, throughout the year that we had it, we had started to knick up the walls and it was just looking dirty. I knew it was time for something new and fresh.

I had a few different options that I was considering for wallpaper in this space, so of course I went to Instagram to poll the experts on all things home design! Wallpaper A won by a landslide, but there were plenty of folks who also loved wallpaper B. Wallpaper C was even used by Joanna Gaines in an episode of Fixer Upper!

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Ultimately I went with the IG experts and chose wallpaper A! What do you think? Did I make the right decision? Let me know your thoughts on our easy, entryway refresh!

Entryway Refresh
Entryway Refresh

I also added a few new baskets to this space and labeled them with these cute luggage tags so everyone knew which one was theirs.

I’m still debating whether or not to wallpaper the sides or the top half of this space. I have plenty of wallpaper left and its too cute to waste it! Hope you liked this super easy entryway refresh! Thanks for stopping by my little corner of the internet 🙂