Multifunctional Fall Decorations

In this age of social media everyone is trying to sell you something. Instagram will tell you that you need new decor for each season. I’m here to tell you that you certainly do not. I’m a big proponent of shopping your own house – going around and only using things you already have. However, sometimes it’s nice to have a few staple pieces to add to the bunch. Since everyone is getting out their fall decor now, let’s take a look at some multifunctional fall decorations you could incorporate multiple times a year.

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Antique Amber Bottles from Etsy – Amber bottles scream fall, but add a few pine sprigs in them and they work for Christmas. Early spring add real of faux flowers. I’ll add a few budget Amazon choices below if that’s more your style!

Stackable Adirondack Chairs from Lowe’s – Hear me out, I know adirondack chairs are typically associated with summer, but sometimes it’s just too hot outside to enjoy them in the summer. We use ours way more in the fall time. Put a couple of these on your front porch or back deck and use them as long as the weather’s decent.

Jute Baskets from Ashley Home Story – Cooler weather always pushes me to add more texture to our decor. Whether you display these year round or use them as storage and only break them out when the temps decrease, you can never have too many baskets.

Chunky Knit Throw Blanket from Walmart – once again I turn to texture. I love this rose color because it works for spring and fall. I use a blanket year round, so might as well find a cute one!

Gold vanity mirror from Anthropologie

Claudia Vanity Mirror from Anthropologie – Definitely a huge splurge, but gold is in! Add this cute mirror to a bar area or entryway. A classic piece like this can be used year round. Find a less expensive, vintage mirror on Etsy HERE.

Black Candle Holders from Amazon – I use my candlestick holders year round. You can even switch out the color candlestick depending on the season. I usually add red for Valentine’s Day and green in the spring. Check out a few more Candlestick Holder options below.

Hopefully this gave you a quick insight into multifunctional decor that you can use for more than just fall. My recommendation is always to shop your home first, but this list should give you a great start into using some staple pieces that won’t break the bank.