My New Milk Glass Collection!

Something EXTREMELY exciting happened to me recently – I acquired a gorgeous milk glass collection! My husband’s grandparents have been doing some early spring cleaning and they were looking to purge some milk glass pieces. Well lucky for me, they were gracious enough to hand them down to me! I’ve been slowly collecting milk glass pieces for a couple years now, but these pieces hold much more meaning. I’m excited to share my new milk glass collection with you all!

My New Milk Glass Collection!

Look at this lot! I feel like I need to have a fancy tea party or something 🙂 I have always loved milk glass, but getting this collection from family means so much more. Want to take a closer look? Below each photo I have linked similar pieces that I found on Etsy, just in case you wanted to grow your own collection!

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My New Milk Glass Collection!
Similar on Etsy
Farmhouse Milk Glass

This is one of my favorite little pieces. It looks like a cute spout for creamer. That’s why I say it’s time to host a fancy tea party! Find similar on Etsy here.

I just think these milk glass pieces are so fun and will be something I can’t wait to display someday. Unfortunately in our current home I don’t have a great space, so most will be going in a box to be stored until we move (someday in the way future). Lately I’ve been trying to bring less “stuff” into our home, but I consider these family heirlooms.

Other pieces in my collection:

Giveaway Time!

I have a super fun giveaway happening on my Instagram page right now. I teamed up with my friend Becky from @by.the.poole to give away a milk glass vase from her Etsy shop! This is the perfect opportunity to start or grow your very own milk glass collection. Make sure you get in on this before it closes on Sunday morning (3/15/2020)!

Beau Place Like Home - Milk Glass

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