Thanksgiving Mantle Decorating

While a lot of my fellow home decor addicts are moving onto Christmas already, I’m sticking with fall a little longer. I thought I’d talk Thanksgiving mantle decorating today, since I switched up my own mantle a little. First let’s start with my first fall mantle of the season.

Fall fireplace mantle

This garland matched with a few amber bottles, dark candlesticks and a pumpkin. I’m drawn more to simplicity in our new home, and when I was gifted the garland I knew it needed to steal the show.

Now for my Thanksgiving mantle that I’ll leave up a little longer even though most of my comrades are switching to Christmas 🙂

Thanksgiving Mantle Decorating
Thanksgiving Fireplace Decor
Thanksgiving Mantle Decor

To switch my mantle up for Thanksgiving I kept the garland and candlesticks, and added the “thankful” sign and my husband’s turkey. Now, I say “my husband’s turkey” because this is one piece of decor he had before we met that he really likes. I try to get it out each Thanksgiving just for him 😉

Link for similar candlesticks

Thanksgiving turkey decor
Thanksgiving Decor
Thanksgiving decorating

I learned a fun, new trick on Instagram on how to make your living room TV into art! Simply search “Fall Art” on YouTube on your smart TV and you will find tons of beautiful, FREE art for your TV. THIS is the one I used for these photos. How fun!

Thanksgiving mantle decorating

Now, tell me the truth, how many of you are moving right onto Christmas? Check back soon because I’m heading there as well 🙂