Transitioning from Christmas to Winter

How was your Christmas? I hope you had the best time with friends and family. I know many of our Christmases look a little different still this year than in year’s past. At the very least I hope you were able to relax and reflect on the year that has gone by. Today I want to do a quick showcase on how I transitioned our living room from Christmas to winter. I know I get super sad when all of the pretty, bright lights come down and the space feels empty and dark. Luckily the sparkle doesn’t have to all go away – let me show you!

First here’s what our living room looked like for Christmas. I’m not sure I really showcased it on the blog yet!

Traditional Christmas Style
Traditional Christmas Style

Light, bright, sparkly! Exactly how I love my Christmas decor. Once everything was down, though, I got super sad. Something was definitely missing – and not to mention Emery REALLY missed the lights. Her favorite thing in the morning was turning on the lights with “Alexa.” I knew I had to keep some form of sparkle.

Winter Mantle Decor
Transitioning from Christmas decor o winter decor
Transitioning from Christmas decor o winter decor

I absolutely knew I wanted to include these flameless candles into my winter decor. They’re on a remote and give off the most realistic glow. I paired them with the chunkier candles I’ve had for years (find similar ones HERE) to add even more twinkle. Throw in a couple pine trees to the ends for a perfectly winter looking scene.

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The beautiful milk glass candle holders are what I would consider family heirlooms passed onto me by my husband’s grandmother. They aren’t always displayed throughout the year, but whenever I have a chance I add them. I love that they have special meaning to both of us.

Simple winter decor

I definitely wanted to go much more minimal on our side table. A couple of my favorite flameless candles (they come in a pack of 6), a cute snowman and of course an Antique Candle Co. candle!

So what do you think? Have I convinced you to keep some sparkle in your home through the winter? I know in Michigan we can use all of the happiness we can get!