Super Easy Peanut Butter Cookies

Happy Friday! We made it through the week, and for that, I think you should treat yourself! And I have the perfect way for you to do that. Keep reading on and you will find a super easy Peanut Butter Cookie recipe that your family will go nuts over!

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I made these peanut butter cookies last weekend when my family was getting together to watch the Michigan State basketball game. I’m usually in charge of desserts, and I know my dad loves anything with peanut butter in it. So, because this was a little last minute, I decided to head over to Pinterest to try to find an easy cookie recipe. That’s when I found this recipe from Platter Talk. I knew I wanted to modify it slightly to have less sugar, so I got to work!

I loved these peanut butter cookies because they were easy and required very few ingredients. Here is what I used:

  1. One cup peanut butter
  2. Half cup sugar
  3. Half cup Stevia (or similar)
  4. One egg
  5. Splash of vanilla
  6. Dash of cinnamon

Mix together all of the ingredients and roll into small balls to place on your cookie sheet. Use a fork to push dough balls down in a criss-cross fashion. I like to dip my fork in sugar beforehand to avoid the fork sticking into your dough. Bake in your oven for 13-14 minutes at 350 degrees.

Now, some of you may rather use a full cup of sugar, rather than substituting in the Stevia. That is also perfectly fine, I just like cutting the calories down a little so that I can enjoy a second cookie 🙂 My family loved these cookies and I will definitely be making them again! They were super easy and I was able to use things I already had on hand, instead of going out to the grocery store to grab ingredients.

And can we also talk about these tulips? Would you believe they’re faux?? I saw these on Amazon and decided to give them a try. They’re “real touch” and surprisingly they look very realistic, even in person! I’m thinking of getting more in a variety of colors, especially because they’re so affordable! Speaking of affordable, look at this Temptations Serving Dish. Would you believe that I got it at Goodwill for THREE DOLLARS?! If you love it as much as I do, you can find similar ones here, here and here.

Thanks for stopping by the blog today! If you whip up these cookies, make sure you let me know how they turned out!

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  1. Lindsay, I’m happy you found our 3-ingredient peanut butter cookie recipe because it seems as if you have taken this easy cookie recipe to an entirely new level; what a beautiful post you have written and styled here!

  2. I definitely have everything I need to make these today! They look amazing, and anything with peanut butter is ok in my book!

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